Essential Personal Protective Equipment that Every Construction Worker Must Have

There are numerous rules and regulations that have been enacted over the years to make construction sites safe. However, despite all this, the construction industry in NYC still remains dangerous.

Risk control on the construction site is the responsibility of the employer, owner, or contractors. According to NY Labor Law Section 241(6), all workers working on the construction site must have personal protective equipment (PPE). 

In this article, we will discuss the regulations under Section 23-1.8. These regulations are not suggestions but mandatory protections. Not abiding by these rules and providing proper personal protective equipment to your employees might lead to construction injury lawsuits.

Let us tell you about the personal protective equipment that we at Sidewalk Repair Bronx provide to our employees during construction projects.

Eye Protection

Eye protection is the most important protective equipment that we must provide to the employees working on the construction site. Eye protection goggles help our employees keep their eyes safe during tasks like welding, burning, chipping, grinding, or cutting. 

One important thing that we must keep in mind is to disinfect the goggles, glasses, and welder’s shields before we transfer them from one employee to another. 


If our construction work requires a respirator, we provide our employees with a respirator that has been approved for the particular type of operation. Moreover, we also ensure that the respirator is in the best condition and is working properly. We inspect and clean the respirator daily and disinfect it weekly. 

Head Protection

Safety hats are the most essential protective equipment for the workers at a construction site. It is the reason why we provide head protection to the workers so that they can save themselves from the danger of head bumping or falling objects or materials.

Foot Protection

As our employees work with wet concrete, we provide them with wet footing, waterproof boots, pullover boots, or rubber boots depending upon the type of work they are performing.

Waterproof Clothing

When our employees are working in rain, snow, sleet, or any other wet condition, we provide them with waterproof coats, hats, and pants.

Fire-resistant jackets

If our employees are dealing with corrosive substances or chemicals, we provide them with appropriate apparel. Fire-resistant jackets are the most essential item on our checklist of personal protective equipment. These jackets don’t catch fire in the case of a fire accident and save the workers from potential burns.

Ear Protection

Ear protection is also essential at the construction site to save your ears from noise pollution. We provide our employees with ear muffs or ear plugs. These are very effective personal protective devices that allow the workers to protect their ears.

Safety Gloves

Gloves allow complete protection of hands, including fingers, and are usually made of rubber, plastic, cotton, or leather. The choice of material for gloves usually depends on the task or operation being performed.

Bottom Line

Personal protective equipment plays a crucial role in ensuring the workplace safety of employees. It is the reason why it is our duty to abide by the laws and provide PPE to all of our employees working on the construction sites of sidewalks, driveways, steps, patios, roofing, or any other masonry and brick-pointing work.