Essential Checklist to Protect Your Chimney from Winter Storms

Homeowners living in areas where the weather gets extremely cold in winter must ensure that their brick structures, like brick walls, chimneys, firewalls, etc., stay in their best condition.

The reason is that during the winter, your masonry structures can experience a high risk of water damage. Home owners must inspect their masonry structures, like chimneys, with the help of professionals and can take precautionary measures for repairs and replacement of the bricks.

In this article, we will help you understand a few essential steps that you must perform to ensure the sturdiness and stability of your chimneys.

Get A Professional Inspection and Cleaning

If you haven’t already done a professional inspection of your chimney and cleared it out before the winter season, it is time for you to do so. A chimney inspection is essential, as it will not only help you understand the damages to your masonry structure but will also help you take preventive measures before the damages become extensive.

Even the small cracks in the chimney can increase due to water penetration, which can lead to more costly repairs. Hiring Sidewalk Repair Bronx is a viable option for you, as we are certified experts providing brick-pointing and masonry services in NYC and neighboring areas for two decades.

We inspect the interior and exterior of your chimney, along with the attached heating appliances like a fireplace or woodstove. After assessing the condition of your chimney, we provide essential repair and replacement services.

Make the Necessary Repairs

Whether your chimney has leaks, the bricks are vulnerable, or they are broken, the winter weather can make the issue worse. The chimney can also be unsafe to use for the heating stove or the fireplace. 

If you have any masonry damage, a crack in your chimney, or a missing chimney cap, hire our professional services. We also provide professional services to repair and replace your rusted or corroded dampers to prevent moisture from leaking inside the chimney. 

Install a Chimney Cap

A chimney cap will push the rain and snow away and protect your chimney from potential water damage. It will also allow you to prevent pests and debris from getting inside the chimney. 

When you are choosing a chimney cap, you must ensure that it has a spark arrestor. The reason is that it will extinguish the hot embers and will not spark a roof fire. 

Making yourself aware of the various potential causes of the damage is one thing you must do to prevent fire damage due to the chimneys.

Waterproof Your Chimney

After making the essential and necessary repairs, you can ask our professionals to apply a waterproof coating. With a water-based solution, your bricks will get moisture protection and prevent water damage. If you want optimal performance, you must apply the waterproof sealant every few years.


Inspecting the chimneys and repairing them for potential damage will allow you to save the structure of your property from water damage and extensive repairs. Moreover, installing chimney covering is highly important, as you can cover the chimney from the top. 

The two most important functions it performs are that it acts as a gatekeeper that keeps dust and debris out. Moreover, it also protects the chimney from animals, snow, and ice. In this way, the chimney cap allows you to protect your home from the chances of a roof fire.