A Sidewalk Maintenance Guide for Enhanced Pedestrian Safety

A sidewalk adjacent to a property needs maintenance when it is violating the construction rules and regulations of the Department of Transportation. The rules and regulations of the DOT state that the sidewalks must be in their optimal condition and should not pose trip or fall hazards to pedestrians.

Moreover, you must also maintain your sidewalks in response to seasonal conditions, including snowfall and vegetation growth. In this article, we will talk about the maintenance measures you can take to enhance the condition of your sidewalks.

Maintenance Methods for Sidewalks

There are three main categories of sidewalk maintenance methods that you can adopt, including temporary measures, short-term measures, and long-term measures.

Temporary measures just reduce the tripping hazards and last less than a year. Short-term measures can last up to five years and after that, you have to maintain your sidewalks again. Long-term measures include replacing the damaged slabs on the sidewalks.

Let us have a look at the process of temporary, short-term, and long-term maintenance in detail.

Temporary Measures

When you ask professional contractors to temporarily maintain your sidewalks, you are opting for wedging or patching with cement or asphalt. These temporary repairs only alleviate the hazardous concerns for the time until you get more permanent repairs.

Short-Term Measures

Short-term maintenance measures include repairing the damaged concrete sidewalk with the help of wedging, grinding, cutting, and overlaying of the concrete. These types of repairs last for about five years if you properly maintain your sidewalks regularly.

Long-Term Measures

A long-term and universally accepted maintenance technique is the complete replacement of your sidewalks. During this method, professional sidewalk contractors cut the damaged concrete slabs and replace them with new ones after properly cleaning and preparing the surface. A complete replacement of concrete allows the sidewalks to stay in good condition for about 10 years.

Seasonal Sidewalk Maintenance

Most people associate the seasonal maintenance of the sidewalks with clearing the snow and removing debris. However, seasonal maintenance also includes sweeping and vegetation removal and control. Let us talk about these everyday maintenance tasks.

Tree Root Growth and Plant Growth Removal

Sidewalks with trees and plants are beneficial as they provide shade, reduce carbon dioxide, and increase property value. However, the growth of tree roots can sometimes damage sidewalks. Similarly, plant growth can encroach on the sidewalks and make it difficult for pedestrians to cross the sidewalks. Many states in the USA require property owners to keep their sidewalks free from vegetation growth. If the sidewalks are damaged due to tree root growth, you can consider hiring professional sidewalk repair contractors.

Snow Removal

The sidewalks and curb ramps must be free from snow and ice in the winter season. If the sidewalks are covered with snow and ice, they can create a slip hazard for pedestrians. According to ADA rules and regulations, the sidewalks must have 48 inches of clear passageway for pedestrians. If the sidewalks are covered with snow, you will be violating the rules and regulations of the NYC DOT. If you want to remove snow from your sidewalks, you can do it in a 24-48-hour timeframe.

Sweeping Sidewalks

In most of the states, communities sweep the streets and make them free of debris. If your city doesn't have a program for sweeping the sidewalks, you can clean your sidewalks yourself. Cleaning the sidewalks on your own will allow you to identify the potential damages. Moreover, you will be able to remove the hurdles from the sidewalks and make them easily accessible for pedestrians.

Bottom Line

Maintaining the sidewalks to create a welcoming and accessible pathway for pedestrians with different mobility levels is the responsibility of the property owners. If your sidewalks are damaged and showing signs of wear and tear, you can hire professional sidewalk contractors. Sidewalk Repair Bronx can be an effective choice for you, as we have well-trained staff with remarkable expertise in repairing and maintaining the sidewalks while abiding by the rules and regulations of NYC. So what are you waiting for? Contact us today and take advantage of our remarkable sidewalk repair services.